Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spanish Remington Rolling Block .43

  • Weight: 9.25lb
  • Length: 50"
  • Barrel length: 35.7"
  • Cartridge Caliber: 11.15x58R (.43 Spanish)
  • Service in Spanish Army: 1870-1893
  • Service in Philippine Army: 1898-1902

The Spanish Armory at Oviedo manufactured the Rolling Block rifle under license agreement from Remington(firearms manufacture in New York). These rifles were used heavily by colonial soldiers through out Spains colonies since the 1870s. In the Philippines the Rolling Block became the primary firearm of the Guardia Civil and was used extensively through out the 1896 Revolution by both Spanish and revolutionary forces. Once Spain sold off the Philippines to America, the Philippine forces seized much of the left over firearms used by Spanish and native soldiers. As well as many Spanish officers and soldiers joined the Filipinos in fighting against the Americans. The Spanish Remington Rolling Block and the 1893 Spanish Mauser rifle became the two primary rifles used by the Philippine Army against the United States military during the Philippine-American War (1899-1902), as well as other rebellions and uprisings from 1902-1913.

In the US, the American varient Remington Rolling Block is also iconic now and of the time, it is best known through out the old cowboy western era as the Buffalo Hunters rifle.

Company of the Philippine Army. (Circa 1899)
Riflemen standing are armed with Spanish Remington Rolling Block Rifles.
Riflemen kneeling are armed with Spanish 1893 Mauser Rifles.

An age old tale about the Philippine Army is that the soldiers removed the rear sights of the rifle and that they were ignorant enough to think the rear aiming mechanism got in their way. The image below disproves that belief and rumor.

Soldiers of the Philippine Army armed with Spanish Remington Rolling Blocks rifles.

The Moros were also armed with Spanish Remington Rolling Blocks during the The Moro Rebellion (1899-1913).

Firearms taken during Pershings Lake Lanao Expeditions 1902 and 1903.(Photo Courtesy of

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  1. I mail ordered a 1873 rolling block in 1962. I paid 13$ and it came in a wood box and was still packed in grease. I have only fired it about 10 times. It is in excellent cond. is it worth much?