Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spanish Lefaucheux Model 1863 Pinfire Revolver

  • Manufacture - Fabrica de Armas Oviedo
  • Design - French Revolver
  • Barrel Length: 6"
  • Cartridge Caliber: 11mm
  • Action - Pinfire Single Action
  • Service: 1860s–1888 Continental Spanish Army; 1888-1898 Spanish Colonial force; 1896-1902 Philippine Revolutionary Force
Made at the firearms factory in Oviedo Spain. Several different models and variants were made through out their manufacture.The Spanish Lefaucheux followed the typical European French revolver design widely used during the mid-1800s; which was known as the Lefaucheux Pinfire revolver. The Spanish revolvers are distinctive for copying the French style 1858 Lefaucheux along with the Belgian Lefaucheux style frame and pistol grip. Originally these revolvers were issued to Spanish soldiers in Spain. Years later after being out-dated by 1888, they were transferred over to soldiers and police forces in Spanish Colonial territories. Many of these old Spanish revolvers were carried by the Spanish forces in Cuba and the Philippines all the way up to the Span-Am War. The Philippine revolutionary force would also capture and use these revolvers during the 1896 Revolution and against the Americans in the Philippine-American War. US soldiers would keep these as war trophys for their service in Cuba and the Philippines. In US war reports they are noted down as French style pinfire revolvers.
Interestingly enough, the French 1858 Lefaucheux Revolvers were also bought and issued during the American Civil War(1861-1865) to soldiers under the US Federal Government.

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