Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bonifacios Guns

Firearms belonging to Bonifacio and his soldiers during their arrest.

Mauser L-2798-the metal plate is rubbed out. Market A. B.

Mauser K-2894 with an addition No. 1. Metal plate rubbed out; marked A. B.

Remington No. 7537; metal plate rubbed out; marked A.B.

Remington No. 2200; metal plate rubbed out; marked A. B.

Remington No. 12620; metal plate of trigger and butt-end rubbed out.

Remington No. 2085.

Remington No. 4610.

Remington No. 3279-A. B. rubbed out.

Remington No. 3580-Magdalo rubbed out.

Remington No. 23871-16 on butt-end rubbed out; marked A. B.

Remington No. 3302; marked A. B.

Remington No. 3379 metal plate on trigger rubbed out; marked A. B.

Remington No. 9075; marked A. B.

Remington No. 38384-marked Magdalo.

Remington no number; metal plate rubbed out.

Remington-English make.

One shot-gun, double-barrel, center fire.

" " " single-barrel rim fire.

" " " center fire.

" " " rim fire.

Two shot-guns, double barrel.

One rifle, 22 caliber, low power, target practice.

Four blunderbusses, one has a mark " Juan Estrella " .


  1. Thanks for this blog. I belong to a group of Filipino Re-enactors doing historical re-enacting during the Philippine Revolution and early WW2 eras. This is very helpful in my search for historical accuracy in terms of firearms used during that period. The next question is where to get them?

    1. Sorry for late reply. I haven't been keeping up with this blog for the past few months, and haven't really checked up on it until now. To answer your question, it really depends upon where you reside. In the United States these firearms can easily be had. The Remingtons listed are Spanish Remington Rolling Blocks.
      The Mauser listed is the Spanish Model 1893 Mausers. In the States long-guns older than 1899 is categorized as an 'antique'. Meaning they can be shipped directly to your residence(if living in the States) with out having to go through a FFL gunstore. Places like are popular to purchase all types of firearms. Good luck.