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M1899 Philippine Constabulary Krag-Jørgensen Carbine Rifle

M1899 Philippine Constabulary Krag-Jørgensen Carbine Rifle

  • Action: Bolt Action
  • Capacity: 5 round internal box magazine
  • Barrel Length: 20.5"
  • Cartridge Caliber: .30-40 Krag (US Krags) Smokeless
  • Muzzle Velocity: 580 m/s (1900 ft/s) to 870 m/s (2854 ft/s) depending on ammunition
  • Effective Range: 900m
  • Service: 1906-1917

The Philippine Constabulary were the native police established in 1902 by Tafts Philippine Commission which oversaw civil affairs of the Philippine Islands. It should be noted the PC's were not soldiers as many confused them to be; they were law enforcement officers paid the Civil Philippine Commission. Similar to the US Marshals in America, Philippine Constabulary officers were not limited to a jurisdiction. They had the capabilities to cross county lines(in this case, provinces and regions). The Philippine Constabulary were originally issued old US military stock Springfield Trapdoor single-shot 45 rifles from the Indian Wars. During the pacification of the islands after the Phil-Am War, the Trapdoor rifle proved to be inferior when fighting in the dense terrains of the Visayas and Mindanao regions where combatants would rush out in hoards. After the first initial shot, reloading another round became near impossible. As many PC inspectors complained: the Trapdoor rifle became a one shot club.

The Springfield Trapdoors were later replaced by the Krag Carbines in early 1906. Unique to only the Philippines, the Krag full length rifles were modified and cut down to a shorter size at the POD(Philippine Ordnance Depot) in Intramurous. The original purchase price for each Krag, $6.00. The Krag Carbine would also be short lived, they would later be replaced by Springfield M1903 rifles by 1910(but Krags would still be in service until 1917). Less than a handful of these Philippine Constabulary Krag Carbines exist today. Making them the mostly highly sought after and prized rifle of all Krag models by gun collectors and enthusiasts.

Moro Philippine Constabulary officers guarding prisoners with Krag Carbines.

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  1. Very interesting site you have here. By the way, that bayonet shown with the Krag Constabulary rifle is an M1905, which was for the M1903 rifle, not the Krag.